Short films

Short films
Title: Transition Content: To make a decision is sometimes not so easy.
Title: More VLAD (part2) Content: The story about Mr.VLAD continues with a new idea to change his nightlife into daylife.
Title: Everyday life between 4 walls. (part7) Content: Everyday life between 4 walls continues in the heat of the night and with a tiger.
Title: The Flop Content: A small stain on the wall gives the impulse to a huge idea.
Title: Coconut & Lemongroove Content: What is the connection between a tropical island and the North Pole?
Title: The Abstract Way to Create Something Abstract Content : The inspiration of lines and the inner thoughts turn into the abstract world.
Title: On Tour Content: The story is about a sailboat found in sand.
Title: The Drawing Content: What happens if a sketch begins to draw itself?
Title: The Lighthouse Content: The Lighthouse is the story about the incredible idea, that al fish in the ocean love.
Title: The Black Box Content: Can a human soul be found inside of a black box?
Title: Out of Control Content: What happens when the control system gets out of control and some experts fall in love ?
Title: The Artexperiment Content: The artexperiment is the story about the possible process how art becomes art.
Title Mr. Tanaka’s Journey Content: The legend of a bird who knows the secret of the moon.
Title: The View Content: To see and to be seen.
Title: Changes Content: A cube is looking for a new life.
Title: Vernissage Content: One sunday afternoon at the artshow.
Title: The Writer Content: A dream to write a book.
Title: The Owl Content: The forest at night is not silent every night.
Title: The Diver Content: How he shows his love to someone else.
Title: The Circle of Life Content: Simple Illustrations show the stations of our life.
Title: The Fish Content: What happens when a fish gets depressed ?
Title: Art Crime Content: In Search of stolen Art.
Title: The Activist Content: Different activities to become an activist.
Title: Faces Content: The meaning of life could be at a right place.
Titel: Clean Up Content: A new story starts out of the creator’s mood.
Titel: Plan B Content: What happens if you take the wrong way?
Title: Washing Day Content: Sometimes a washing process surprises.
Title: Time Tunnel Content: Can we find the time we lost ?
Title: New Year Content: Next year will be different.
Title: The turtle Content: Expect the unexpected.
Title: The waiting room Content: Occupied with time.
Title: Exit Content: Could the wrong direction be the right one?
Title: Paradise Content: Apple’s destiny
Title: Fashion Content: A walk of fame
Title: Frequent flyer Content: Routes of a friend
Title: Action-Reaction Content: Strategy oft he market
Title: The red balloon part 1 Content: Till and his daydream
Title: The drummer Content: Color oracle’s
Title: Mr.B and his wife Content: Tomorrow is today
Title: The red balloon part2 Content: What makes Gumrummaximum so special?
Title: The blue shoe Content: A lost shoe found his way back.
Title: The red balloon part3 Content: The departure
Title: The red balloon part4 Content: Meeting new friends at a white house
Title: The Philosopher Content: The uncertainty of life
Title: The City Content: Images of literature
Title: Sound check Content: Music along with pictures.
Title: The Past Content: The Past: Washed away by a new day
Title: E.G.O. Content: Time is more than 1 free minute.
Title: Pirates of the art Content: Unexpected robbery
Title: Goodbye Mr. By Content: Time flies
Title: The red balloon (part5) Content: Gone with a bang